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Amsterdam’s Zuidas
Amsterdam’s Zuidas is the place to be when it comes to doing international business in Amsterdam. Some 30,000 people work here in more than 400 – often trend-setting and global – companies. Yet everything else that makes Amsterdam so attractive is still at hand. See also the website of Amsterdam's Zuidas.

The Zuidplein
The Zuidplein is a lively square in the middle of the high and low towers of the WTC, which strengthens the dynamics. Here you can visit a terrace, do your groceries or have something to eat.

Amstel- en Beatrix park
At 2.5 km distance you will find the Amstelpark, with its large variety of flowers, plants and trees. The Amstelpark is opened daily from 8 a.m. until half an hour before sunset. Ideal for a picnic and to unwind. If you want a breath of fresh air and some greenery to rest and gather your thoughts, the Beatrixpark is also just 5 minutes away. Here, you can stroll along the ponds or relax in the sun during your lunch break.

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