On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions.
If your question is not listed, please send an e-mail to sdelarambelje@wtcamsterdam.com
We will answer your question as soon as possible.­

What about access after opening hours?
To access the WTC after office hours should be made use of the intercom at the entrance. When pressing the button, security will ask you your name and the name of the tenant which you are visiting. After verification you will be let in. With the pass access can be obtained to Suite Offices.

How do I book the conference area?
To reserve the area please contact Sandra de la Rambelje,
Account Manager Real Estate, tel: 020 – 575 20 38, sdelarambelje@wtcamsterdam.com

How is the cleaning regulated?
There is cleaned at fixed times, in the morning between 09.00 – 11.00 hours. The frequency is: 3 x per week cleaning within rented area. 5 x per week cleaning of the General spaces: pantry, recycle bins and meeting spaces. The contracted parties, including EW for the cleaning, can make use of a key to enter the rented area to perform work.

What do I do with my garbage?
All garbage is picked up every day at around 11.00 am.

How many phone lines do I have?
You have up to 2 fixed telephone lines at your disposal.

Has my office space a fixed telephone number?

Are the costs for telephony included in the rental price?
The fixed costs for the use of telephony are included. The variable costs such as the call minutes not.
These will be invoiced directly to you by NDI ICT Solutions.

When I have different requirements for the telephony/internet can that be arranged?
You can arrange this via NDI ICT Solutions. Tel: 088 – 088 43 21.

What are the specifications of the internet connection?
You will have fast internet of 10Mbit available on the basis of a reliable fiber line.

How can I print and make copies?
There is no copying machine present. You need to take your own printer/copier.

I have a complaint, what to do?
To log a complaint you can contact Sandra de la Rambelje,
Account Manager Real Estate, tel: 020 – 575 20 38, sdelarambelje@wtcamsterdam.com

I have a suggestions, who can I turn to
In order to pass on suggestion you can contact Sandra de la Rambelje,
Account Manager Real Estate, tel: 020 – 575 20 38, sdelarambelje@wtcamsterdam.com

How should I terminate my lease?
Through a registered letter with the correct notice period chosen.
You can send it to Strawinskylaan 1, 1077 XW Amsterdam, attn. Sandra de la Rambelje.

What guarantee theorem states the landlord to me?
A bank guarantee or a deposit the size of a payment obligation of three months.

What about the security features of my rented space?
Behind your own front door, you are responsible for your own space.
The public rooms and the general access protection during and outside office hours is effected under the security of WTC Amsterdam.

Can I let the date of my my rental agreement go in at any day?
No, your agreement shall commence on the 1st or the 16th of the month.

What do I do if I loss my keycard/key?
Contact the landlord.

How many keys/keycards do I get?
Each tenant receives two access passes to open Suite Offices. An extra pass can be ordered through WTC Beheermij. The cost for an admission card are € 15.00 per pass.
You get 2 front door keys, and you get 2 pantry keys.

Can I request additional keys/keycards?
Yes, this is possible and can be ordered at WTC Management. With the order the key number must be enclosed. The costs for the extra key are for the tennant.

Can I make modifications to the interior of the room and the furniture?
No, it is possible tough to place a shot secession between the desks.

Can my visitor report somewhere when he/she has arrived?
Yes, at the general reception in the Central Hall.

Is keyholding possible?
Each tenant has the possibility to conclude a contract with security for keyholding (a contracted service supplier of the WTC, D&B Security). The cost of this extra service is € 265,00 per year and is for account of the tenant. The purpose of this service is to submit the key of the tenant in custody of security. If it’s so that you as a tenant forgets the key, it can be picked up at security, or the rented space is opened by security.

Use of meeting room in Suite Offices
Per rented room tenant is entitled to 1 hour and 45 minutes use of the meeting room per week.